This is a Siskiyou lilly, (there is also a pitcher plant hidden in the picture).  This is a common flower found in Southern Oregon.  It blooms in the spring and it comes in various colors, with yellow being the most common color found in Cave Junction, and oranges, and rust colors found closer to the ocean.   Pitcher plants come in lots of different colors.  They grow in wet areas, and are often found growing with Siskiyou lillies.  Pitcher plants are rare in this area.  Both of these plants favor marshy areas, so reflections / hints of reflections to indicate water will look good in your painting.  Notice random splatering on the painting to add highlights and interest to your painting in pure white.  Print out a color reference picture to look at and try to duplicate on your painting.  Hopefully, there will be a black and white tracing for you to print out along with this color image. << New text box >>

Old barn in winter
Siskiyou Iris (We call these Siskiyou lilly's)
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Info on how to paint an iris

Iris for painting.

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