Where do I find what I need?

There are many places where watercolor supplies can be purchased or ordered.  However, some items can only be found at certain companies.I will try to include  a link (Hopefully, Bruce the computor guy can arrange this!) so you can click on the link and be directed to the exact spot to order what you need.  Currently, I am working on the basic list of things you will need and we can worry about where to find them later.  It is not complicated.  Some items that are the most difficult to find can actually be found in your own hometown, and you might have them in your home already.

Hi, this is Bruce the computer guy! I say computer guy because it techs make 100,000 grand a year to start and Graphic Artist start at 60,000. The only difference in schooling is 2 classes. How this relates to Art materials is important. Trying to buy the cheapest student grade of art materials may seem like you are saving money but all you are getting is an inferior product. For example: the difference between chalk and pastels (besides Price) is calk is 90% or more cheap binder with a little pigment for color. Pastel is almost pure pigment with very little expensive binder.

Below are the helpful links.

Google, type in what your looking for.

Michaels, Medford Oregon can shop online and they have deals where shipping is included.

Central Art Suppy, Proffesional Art Supplies.

Blick, One of the largest online art supply companies.

Cheap Joe's, very good supplies reasonable prices sometimes great deals.


This is just a few of the places I personaly shop on a regular basis, I have always been satisfied with these companies and they are listed in no paticular order. These are My (Bruce Stone's) recomendations and not endorsements for the sites listed. I wll say I have bought from all and I have liked the results.

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