This is what to expect in class.

     If you should get an opportunity to attend one of my classes, you can expect the following.


     Each class has a project that it is working on.  The project may come from a book, but more than likely, it is a painting the instructor has developed himself.  We do studies of various works, we work from photsgraphs, we try to utilize everything at our disposal to find suitable subjects to paint, usually though it will be something one of the students or the instructor has seen that catches the eye of the people involved.  I don't like copied work.   Keeping that in mind, the class project must be changed enough to be unique.  original. and one-of-a-kind.  When working on projects such as Christmas cards, each little painting comes totally from scratch, with no tracing, copying, or reproduction what-so-ever,  so there is little danger of duplicating anyone's painting.  When larger works are involved, care must be taken to avoid infringing on somebody eles's original painting, at the same time, nobody owns exclusive painting rights to anything on this earth! 

     For example, many, many, artists have painted pictures of a rose.  Our class may paint a rose that the instructor has drawn or has taken a photo of, even though others have painted roses before.  We do not copy the work of others, but we do not forfeit the right to express our artistic ideals.


     In more common language, this class paints what it wants to.  We don't copy.  WE expect other artists (and Instructors)   to respect our work also.


     The class project will be explained at the beginning of class.  You will recieve a handout to trace onto your watercolor paper.  (Please check out the instructions on stretching paper and the material list, on this website.)  It is important to follow  instructions carefully. 


     There will be several other artists working near you, however, you will have enough space on a flat table, ( I always paint with the paper lying flat on a table in front of me!) to arrange your stretched paper, pallette, and other supplies, so that you are not cramped.  There will be water containers, as well as a sink with water.   You are expected to fill at least one  water container, open your pallette and hydrate your colors, arrange your current painting in front of you, and be ready to paint. before  class starts!  Talking should stop at this point so the instructor can do his job.  Coffee, cookies, and snacks are provided.  Refreshments should be gathered before class, during "set-up" time.  Restroom breaks are O.K. (Of course!)....

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